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Welcome to Golden Gate Hospice, a compassionate sanctuary nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, dedicated to providing specialized care and support for individuals and families navigating the journey of Alzheimer’s disease. We are proudly associated with the Alzheimer’s Association, committed to excellence in care, and to fostering a deeper understanding of Alzheimer’s impacts and challenges.

In our continuous effort to enlighten our community and empower those affected by Alzheimer’s, we present our informative resource – the ‘2024 Facts and Figures of Alzheimer’s Disease’ – now available for download. This comprehensive overview, provided by the esteemed Alzheimer’s Association, offers vital statistics, insights into care, and the economic impact of Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

Whether you’re a caregiver seeking guidance, a healthcare professional deepening your expertise, or a loved one looking for understanding, this document is an invaluable tool. It encapsulates crucial data that underscores the importance of awareness, the progress we aim to achieve in Alzheimer’s care, and the collective action required to support those in need.

At Golden Gate Hospice, we believe in knowledge as the foundation for compassionate care. We invite you to explore this detailed infographic, learn about the current state of Alzheimer’s disease, and join us in our mission to bring solace and dignity to every moment of the Alzheimer’s journey.


To download the PDF, please click on the following image: 

infographic alzheimer 2024

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