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In Los Angeles County, home health care has emerged as an invaluable service for countless residents, especially with an aging population that prefers the comfort and familiarity of their homes over hospital settings. Medicare, a principal health insurance provider for seniors, plays a pivotal role in making this option accessible.

How is it covered?

Medicare typically covers a myriad of home health care services, including:

  •         Skilled nursing care
  •         Home health physical therapy
  •         Home occupational therapy
  •         Speech and language therapy at home
  •         Health care social work


However, to be eligible for these services, patients must meet specific criteria set by Medicare, such as being homebound and requiring intermittent skilled care.

Steps to Get Service

  1.     Consultation with a Physician: Before one can avail of home health care, they must consult with their primary physician, who needs to certify that they require home health services.
  2.     Select a Medicare-approved Agency: Medicare only covers services rendered by approved home health care agencies.
  3.     Assessment: Once a home health care agency is selected, they will make a home visit to review your needs and create a care plan.
  4.     Service Commencement: After a plan is set, services like home health physical therapy or health care social work can begin.


Medicare-approved Home Health Agency in L.A. County: At Ease Home Health Care

Among the myriad home health care agencies in L.A. County, At Ease Home Health Care stands out as a beacon of modern care, driven by genuine concern for patient well-being. Their commitment to making lives more comfortable, coupled with their exceptional services, encapsulates their slogan perfectly: “care you can depend on”.

Why Choose Home Health Care?

Opting for home health care services offers numerous benefits:

  1.     Familiar Environment: Patients recover and thrive better in a familiar environment.
  2.     Tailored Care: Personalized care plans cater to specific patient needs, from speech and language therapy at home to more specialized treatments.
  3.     Cost-effective: Often, home health care is more affordable than extended hospital stays.

How to Obtain Service & Get Coverage

For those interested in availing of home health care via Medicare in L.A. County, it’s crucial first to ascertain your eligibility. For details on Medicare’s specific coverage criteria and to verify if you qualify, you can reach out to insurance providers or consult the official Medicare website.

In conclusion, Medicare’s support for home health care in L.A. County has opened doors for numerous residents to receive comprehensive care right in the comfort of their homes. And with agencies like At Ease Home Health Care, one can rest easy knowing they are in expert hands.

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For those searching for unparalleled home health care services in L.A. County, At Ease Home Health Care promises “care you can depend on.” Don’t hesitate. Click here and get in touch with our team.

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