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24/7 High Quality Hospice Care in  Los Angeles

Medicare and Insurances Accepted

Hospice at Facility – Hospice at Home  – Nurses – Pain treatment – Personalized care

Golden Gate Hospice delivers compassionate, personalized medical, emotional, and spiritual support for individuals facing a life expectancy of six months or less, regardless of their living situation. Golden Gate Hospice ensures dedicated professional nursing care directly to patients in their own homes to effectively manage severe symptoms associated with their condition.

The skilled team at Golden Gate Hospice is on hand to offer guidance on managing symptoms and addressing the complexities of palliative care treatments, supporting attending physicians in achieving the care objectives for patients with terminal illnesses. Those with advanced illnesses can find solace in knowing that Golden Gate Hospice stands by them, providing unwavering support throughout their end-of-life care decisions.


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“My mother receives care through Golden Gate Hospice. Last night was a very difficult evening for my family; however, the nurses are wonderful. One nurse came over to sit with my mother and to watch her vitals.
Then the next morning, my mother’s regular nurse Ana, went above and beyond. She spent several hours ensuring my mother’s health improved and that my mother was comfortable. In addition, she assisted my family and mother with valuable details regarding the program, therefore easing my mind and burden — and also, that of my mother’s.
I am truly thankful she is with Golden Gate Hospice during this stage of illness. The help we have received is and has been rewarding in every manner.”

Nicole M.

“Me encanto estar en el programa con Golden Gate. Siempre están al tanto con mi salud y bien estar. Las enfermeras que me visitan semanal, Los Doctores, y la coordinadora son bien amigables y super profesionales. Siempre están disponibles y con mucha paciencia para responder mis preguntas y dudas y resolver mejor posible las complicaciones que se presentan con la edad. Ellos me han mandado los suministros necesarios para facilitar el caminar. Los medicamentos llegan directo a mi hogar. Estoy muy feliz de estar en este programa y se los recomiendo a todos quienes lo necesiten.“
Magdalena V.

“The Golden Gate Hospice staff are some of the most caring, compassionate people I have ever met. Golden Gate has helped me and my family get through all of the ups and downs that you go through helping your loved one transition to their next destination in life/death. I couldn’t do this without them.
I am so thankful and grateful for this amazing group of people. They are angels.“
Melissa P.

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24/7 High Quality Hospice Care in  Los Angeles

Medicare and Insurances Accepted

Personalized Care for Your Loved Ones

At Golden Gate Hospice, we understand the emotional journey of caring for a loved one. Our team of compassionate professionals provides personalized care, ensuring comfort and dignity for your family members. Let us support you through this journey. Contact us to discover how we can help.”

Expert Medical Support at Your Doorstep

Experience top-quality medical care in the comfort of your home with Golden Gate Hospice. Our skilled nurses and doctors are dedicated to providing the best possible care, tailored to your specific needs. Reach out to us and learn how we can assist you in managing health challenges with ease and expertise.

Support Beyond Medical Needs

Golden Gate Hospice is more than just medical care; we offer a holistic approach to support your emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. Our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way. Contact us for a compassionate partner in your healthcare journey.

Trust and Comfort When It Matters Most

In your most challenging times, trust Golden Gate Hospice to provide comfort and care with the utmost respect and professionalism. Our dedicated staff are here to ensure you and your loved ones receive the best care. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you through this important phase of life.

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