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Facing the end of life can be a daunting topic, but having open and honest conversations about your final wishes can bring comfort and clarity to both you and your loved ones. Legacy Conversations: A Guide to End-of-Life Wishes is designed to help facilitate these important discussions. This tool offers a series of thoughtfully crafted questions that touch on various aspects of end-of-life preferences, from the scents you’d like to surround yourself with to the cherished traditions you hope to pass on. By addressing these topics now, you can ensure that your final days are filled with peace, dignity, and the things that matter most to you.

Here are 50 questions designed to facilitate conversations about end-of-life wishes, using a mix of multiple-choice and open-ended formats. The tone is casual to make the discussions more comfortable.

1.In your final days, what would you like to smell?

•A) My favorite foods. Fresh-baked cookies and coffee, anyone?

•B) Calming scents like lavender, rose, or sandalwood

•C) Fresh air from an open window

2.Share a cherished tradition that you hope lives on for future generations.

3.What kind of music would you want to listen to in your final moments?

•A) Classical and soothing melodies

•B) My favorite songs from my youth

•C) The sound of nature, like birdsong or waves

4.If you could have one last meal, what would it be?

5.Describe a place where you felt most at peace.

6.What are your top three bucket list items that you have or haven’t completed?

7.What would you like to be remembered for?

8.Who would you want to be with you in your final moments?

•A) Family

•B) Close friends

•C) Prefer to be alone

9.What words or phrases would you find most comforting to hear?

10.Share a favorite memory from your childhood.

11.What is one thing you wish you had done differently in your life?

12.How do you want to be celebrated after you’re gone?

•A) A big celebration of life

•B) A quiet and intimate gathering

•C) No formal event

13.Describe your ideal final resting place.

14.What is your favorite book or movie that you would like to revisit?

15.Is there someone you would like to reconcile with or say something to before passing?

16.How do you feel about organ donation?

•A) Yes, I would like to donate

•B) No, I prefer not to

•C) Undecided

17.What hobbies or activities bring you the most joy?

18.If you could leave one piece of advice for your loved ones, what would it be?

19.What role has spirituality or religion played in your life?

20.What would you like to achieve in the time you have left?

21.How do you want your possessions to be handled after your death?

•A) Distributed among family and friends

•B) Donated to charity

•C) Sold, with proceeds going to a cause

22.Describe the perfect day for you.

23.What would you like to say to those you leave behind?

24.What are the most important values you want to pass on to future generations?

25.What kind of medical treatment would you want in your final days?

•A) Full medical intervention

•B) Comfort care only

•C) Let nature take its course

26.If you could have any animal with you in your final days, what would it be?

27.How would you like to be remembered on your birthday?

28.What do you think happens after we die?

29.Describe your dream home.

30.What are your favorite ways to relax?

31.How do you want your social media accounts to be handled after your death?

•A) Memorialized

•B) Deleted

•C) Left as is

32.What is your favorite holiday tradition?

33.What’s a story you never get tired of telling?

34.What was your proudest moment?

35.How do you want to handle your digital legacy (photos, videos, documents)?

36.If you could relive any day of your life, which day would it be?

37.What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

38. Describe your perfect vacation.

39.What are your thoughts on having a living will?

40.Who has been the most influential person in your life?

41.What would you like your epitaph to say?

42.What is something you wish you had more time for?

43.How do you feel about being cared for at home vs. in a hospice?

44.What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

45.What is your favorite season, and why?

46.How do you want your story to be told?

47.If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?

48.What makes you feel most alive?

49.How do you want to be remembered by your community?

50.What is one thing you want to experience before you die?

Discussing end-of-life wishes isn’t easy, but it is one of the most compassionate and loving things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Legacy Conversations: A Guide to End-of-Life Wishes by Golden Gate Hospice Care provides a gentle, structured way to start these important dialogues. Whether you’re contemplating your own final days or helping a loved one prepare, these questions can help you explore and articulate your deepest desires and values. By having these conversations now, you can bring peace of mind and ensure that the end-of-life experience is as meaningful and personalized as the life lived.

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