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Write For Us: Elder care, health services and lgtbtqia2s focused topics.

Write for us: Are you passionate about writing and have insights or experiences related to hospice care, end-of-life support, compassionate caregiving, elder care, health services, or LGBTQIA2S-focused topics? Golden Gate Hospice is actively seeking contributors who can enrich our community with their thoughtful content across these areas. We welcome guest posts from writers who wish to share their knowledge, experiences, and stories in any of these vital fields.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

To ensure your article aligns with our values and meets our standards, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Originality: Your submission must be original, unpublished content.
  • Non-Promotional: We seek informative, educational, and heartfelt stories, not promotional or commercial content.
  • Word Count: We have no strict word limit, but articles typically range from 1,000 to 2,000 words. Quality trumps quantity; your article should be comprehensive yet concise.
  • Links: You may include relevant external links (e.g., to research, news articles). However, links should not be promotional or unrelated to the topic. We also encourage linking to relevant content on our website. Please note that we reserve the right to remove or adjust links.
  • Writing Style: We appreciate clarity and readability. Please:
    • Break up long paragraphs.
    • Avoid unnecessary jargon and filler.
    • Use headings and subheadings for structure.
    • Utilize bullet points or numbered lists where appropriate.
  • Review Before Submission: Ensure you have proofread your article, checked spelling, cited sources, and formatted the article for readability.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

Include a brief author bio with your submission. This can be appended to the end of your article or included in your submission email.

Please send your complete article as a Google Doc attachment to admin@goldengatehospice.com. There’s no need for a preliminary pitch. We strive to respond promptly but ask for your patience due to the volume of submissions we receive.

While we reserve the right to edit or reject submissions, adherence to these guidelines significantly increases the likelihood of your article being published on our platform.

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